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Home at Last!

Habitat for Humanity is one of my favorite causes. I’ve actually pounded nails and hung drywall in a couple of houses. Now that I’m slowing down a bit, I look for other ways to support them. One regular activity is Pumpkin Patch sales (fortunately, I signed up for yesterday, when it was lovely, and not today, when it was rainy and windy).

When Shelly Burge came to teach at our local guild, her workshop was to be on string piecing, and I had seen her quilts using house blocks. I talked several members of our small church quilting group into taking the workshop and making the house blocks, suggesting that we could make a fund-raising quilt for Habitat. Of course, group quilts are always a challenge, and this one was as well. When we had all the blocks finished, we began to consider how to put them together. Since we had eight of them, I suggested we use them around a central block. One of our group designed a sun-like Mariner’s Compass on the computer to use in the center, and then we decided to make small tree blocks to surround it with. The size of the border was determined by four small log cabins donated by another member.  Of course, then we needed to figure out corner blocks, so it was back to the computer. I volunteered to put all the pieces together, and I’m happy with the result.

I think we are almost done with the top, although it might get another border before a local long-armer quilts it for us. We’ve decided to call it “Home at Last,” because one of the Log Cabins has part of the Habitat logo on the door.

Almost finished Home at Last

Almost finished Home at Last

As an update to the last blog, my photo organizing project is not going that well. When I upgraded my Mac operating system, the tech set it up so that everything is automatically backed up. Unfortunately, the back-ups have the same names as the original files, and I haven’t figured out how to open the right one, so I’ve lost some photos and some of the organizing I’ve done. I’m hoping I can get the problem solved soon, so I can get back to work on it.

Next blog, I’ll tell you about a really neat new tool we got.

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