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We have returned from our getaway refreshed by the peace and quiet, and ready to work on your projects with you. Please try to get orders in before the last week of August, since we will be leaving on the 29th, and won't return until September 19. We will cross off another bucket list item and visit Alaska, and also friends and family on the West Coast. We will have internet access, but will not be able to fulfill any orders.
Custom Prints

Click here to find the Fabric Print Order Form


We scan your photos and other images into our computer and print them DIRECTLY on EQ Printable Fabric Sheets, a closely woven, bright white 200-thread count cotton. We do not use a heat-transfer process, so the print is soft and sewable. The print is washable and light resistant. Our prints can be pieced, appliqued, quilted and ironed just like any other fabric.

We can scan a print up to 8" x 10", a slide, or a negative. Our process will not affect your photo in any way, and it will be returned in its original condition. We can also scan documents, such a wedding invitation, or add type to create quilt labels, and print them with or without borders.

We can also print larger fabric sheets, either 11" x 17" or 13" x 19", depending on your needs.


The printing area on our fabric sheets is 8" x 10", and the first photo on the sheet is $14.95. Depending on the size prints you request, we can print more than one on the same sheet for $3.50 additional for each photo. We print photos with at least 1/2" between them for seam allowances. Duplicate sheets are $7.50 each.We can scan larger prints, or print larger images if you have a high-quality original, for an additional charge. The 11 x 17 fabric sheets are $24.95 for the first image, 13 x 19 fabric sheets are $29.95 for the first image..


An advantage of scanning your photo into the computer is that we can easily enchance it before printing. At your request, we can crop the photo, change the size, and adjust the color for no addtional charge. We will give you an estimate of the cost of additional enhancements, such as diminishing stains, dirt, or scratches, adding text, adding frames, or arranging photos into a collage, before we do the work. Most orders can be completed within four weeks, depending on our travel schedule.

If you have any questions, call us at 651-636-0800 or email us.


  • Please attach each photo to a sheet of 8 1/2" X 11" paper. Do not tape over the surface of the photo. Please put slides or negatives in a sleeve before taping to the paper.
  • On the paper, indicate what size (maximum 8" X 10") you would like the finished print to be, and whether you would like the photo enhanced.
  • If you would like to have us crop out unwanted detail, tape a piece of tracing paper over the photo with the outline in pencil.
  • Please put your name on each sheet of paper. (A mailing label works great.)
  • Please put a stiffener, like a sheet of cardboard, in the envelope with your photos so they don't get bent in the mail.
  • Send your photos, along with the Fabric Print Order Form to Soft Fabric Photos, 2555 N. Hamline #520, Roseville, MN 55113. If you can't figure out how much it will be, send along the photos and we will figure your bill and let you know.

If you would like a sample of a fabric print, send us an SASE at the address above, marking the envelope "Sample Print."

Marv and Jeannie Spears  |  2555 Hamline Ave No, Apt 520, Roseville, MN 55113  |  651-636-0800

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